Frosty mornings and sunny afternoons…

are perfect to make use of winter coats while still wearing an un-knitted, non-four-inch-thick garment underneath.

I have, at last, been able to make use of one of my fur coats on the school run this morning – woo hoo! I am inconsolable with anguishing grief in realisation that the glorious weather is departing to let the typical British October weather take main stage. I have to say I am not a fan of the cold and enjoy, as much as the next person, sunning myself in a beer garden on a lovely warm afternoon. I have, however, been itching to wear my new coats and, hurrah, the time has arrived. What makes this wonderful occasion even more gratifying is the fact that the weather forecast after 9am appears to be clear, cloudless, bright, dry and breeze-free; although it is a little chilly for hot pants and bikini tops it is still pleasant enough to wear a sheer blouse or tight-less dress. Hot pants and bikini tops has never been a good look for me anyway, so, quite frankly, I’m glad I won’t have to see attractive adolescents parading the streets in not much more than skin while I am left roasting in something more appropriate for anyone who is not under 20 and blessed with a size 6 figure or is not slightly older and lucky enough to have the genes of Elle MacPherson.

If this is the ramification of global warming, get me a V8 and let’s go on a road trip!

Disclaimer: I obviously do not condone the mindless encouragement of wasting fossil fuels or believe global warming to be a frivolous and inconsequential matter. I am sure this disclaimer will fully settle any hippy-types reading this blog and ranting about this fur-wearing, global warming fun-poking townie.

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