Days merge together

You may have imagined my inability to post new content was due to being unbelievably busy with numerous invites to fabulous events and lots of other unexpected joyful excitement. The reality is not so; each day seems eerily the same, resulting in a calamitous case of déjà vu. Each inevitably involves some minor variation on doing the school-run, having lunch with a friend, a fun-filled family activity (park, play-centre, safari park, zoo, funfair, boat trip –you name it we’ve tried it), doggie duties, some kind of shopping (both food and retail in general) and other indispensable family chores.

I am writing this whilst also cooking cannelloni, playing cars, having an in-depth conversation about playground politics and a completely separate conversation with BFF 2 and cleaning spilt yoghurt from the floor. I know, Super Woman has nothing on me! The cannelloni is a peace offering to mummy-dearest after last night’s devastating-doggie debacle; this involved a prepared dish of cannelloni awaiting a pre-heated oven being mauled by an over-excitable seven month-old German Shepherd and the family having to endure a barely edible ready-meal instead.

I have been given some good news that allows me to gloat a little today. Following a recent rendezvous with my lovely but sadly label-loathing ex-boyfriend, he has, in fact, confirmed that he likes the outfit he purchased after I took him shopping as his stylist (better late than never). As you can imagine it is rather difficult to make an ex-boyfriend listen to your sterling advice. It is never easy to shop with a man; they bore easier than young children, detest spending money on clothes unless it is absolutely essential to do so (e.g. their mum/girlfriend/cleaner (delete as appropriate) has not done their washing in time and they need a non-smelly t-shirt to go out in), feel nauseous at having to change numerous times and take advice from women badly even when in the most agreeable of mood.

Add to this the ex-boyfriend element of the situation and you’re off to a poor start, as an ex not only do they no-longer have to fain interest in your conversations and nod in agreement purely to maintain the peace even though they disagree with every word that is flying out your mouth they have this new-found confidence to tell you that they no longer have to do this. Trying to style someone who will disagree with every choice you make purely to prove a point is, to say the least, tiresome but I am not one to be ignored, a persistent little **** (as described by ex-boyfriend) I battled on till I eventually just forced him (I know his pin code) to buy the best outfit. Weeks later and ex-boyfriend is finally loving his new glad-rags.

Ex-boyfriend 0 – 1 me

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