Grease is the word

Images from a self-styled Grease-themed shoot.

Right – the outfit.

Left – the image.

Talking about Grease makes me reminisce for by-gone days of girlie sleepovers. Clad in brightly coloured fluffy pyjamas; adorning a gooey green facemask of porridge consistency; scoffing chocolate; slurping wine; and gossiping about all manner of mind numbing, usually factually incorrect, recent incidents.

Lucky for me, BFF 1 and 2 still enjoy acting like teenagers as much as I do ( We obviously need more advanced planning to partake in our sleepovers now, which makes it much less spontaneous but still highly enjoyable, well apart from the now necessary military preparation. Not only do I need to pack all the vital girly essentials (nail polish, face masks, fatty treats, magazines, films, pjs and the obvious: outfit, underwear, toothbrush etc.) I also have to be fully equipped with teddy; cars; postman pat moving night-light; little pjs; 3 little clean outfits; wellies; slippers; sleep socks; activity bumper pack; wii (with remotes and games) and children’s DVDs.

The girls also have new found responsibilities. They have to check with respective partners; get a dog sitter; ensure they’ve cancelled yoga, or whichever other activity should have taken place that evening, in time not to be charged as a non-show; ensure the house is tidy enough to have guests, so they always plan for the night after the cleaner has been (although we never care what the other’s house is like we still all ensure it is spick and span upon arrival – the morning after the night before is a whole other kettle of fish).

Today, I am adamant that I will be able to arrange a date where both BFFs can come to a sleep-over, preferably during half-term or on a weekend so we don’t have to wake by 6.30, although with Christmas and New Year coming and both BFFs birthdays in-between we may be scheduling for February!

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