For such an enthusiastic shopper…

…I really struggle to shop for suits.

I am not sure if this is because of the monotonous pallet of black, grey and dark sick-coloured beige; the slightly altered yet always the same cut; the complete lack of ability to dress creatively or add any personality to a suited outfit; or simply because they never seem to fit quite right and always hang a little funny.

Don’t get me wrong, Viv (Vivienne Westwood) does a fantastic job of producing suits with personality, but they are typically just a little too much for a job interview, a client meeting or generally looking professional through the eyes of others. Personally, if my lawyer (yes I do have one) or accountant (not yet but maybe one day) showed-up to a meeting in a sensibly coloured but quirkily cut Viv suit I would stand, applaud, curtsy and shout ‘BRAVO you look a little different to everyone else in the office’. Unfortunately, my flair and passion for creative dressing and not looking like another office drone is not widely shared by potential employers. This means I have to spend good money on a hideous, unflattering, exactly-the-same-as-everyone-else, suit  that will most definitely go shiny and baggy at the knees and elbows; this displeases me.

As the owner of a lovely cream cashmere and wool summer-suit, having a box jacket with unusual mandarin collar and a high-waisted sculptured skirt, I am aware other designers also have the ability to make non-boring suits. However, feedback from a recruitment manager has made me wary of using this suit for interviews as I believe he actually commented that I should have worn a suit; clearly he is not one to follow his own advice of paying close attention to details and being observational of surroundings and situations.

So tomorrow I am hitting Bicester village to try and find an employer pleasing, suitably dull in colouring yet remotely attractive and mildly different suit – wish me luck!

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