So I am finally evaluating my suits!

After a long and tedious trip I finally found a suit that was corporate in colouring, remotely fashionable and yet still smart and comfortable.

My initial favourite was a hot-pink, tartan Vivienne Westwood number (naturally). Luckily I had a friend with me to remind me of the purpose of my trip – to find a suit that would actually be perceived as professional by the interviewing partners. My response went a little something like this: “So not bright pink Viv then? Do you think it’s a bit much? I really like it and it’s such a flattering cut. It’s all about me feeling comfortable and being myself; don’t you think? Not even with black accessories?” The answer was short and not so sweet.

We had already bought some black shoes (that looked very sensible) from Burberry. Unfortunately, after wearing for a total of 5 minutes I was leaving a trail of blood in my wake from my seriously injured ankles and now have even more scars on my poor feet (I had thought they were just a mass of scar tissue already but obviously they had some patches of fresh skin still). Yet pain is beauty and as the scar tissue seems so much thicker than my ‘bruises like a peach’ skin it does mean they can be worn again, eventually.

After, of course, reuniting my feet back with my old battered black stilettos that haven’t been worn since sixth form, we gallivant round more shops to find an ‘appropriate’ suit (code for boring).

The first with any potential is in Versace, in typical Versace style it is (according to friend) slightly too snazzy. After being compared to a robot (so many buttons), a Christmas tree (shiny bauble buttons), a pilot and Donatella herself (fake tan and wrinkles missing I hope) I decided to move on.

 I really don’t think the picture does this justice – it was much more ‘bling’ in the flesh!           


On to Diane Von Frustenberg; here we find a suitably boring, miserable-looking, imagine- your-old-widowed-accountant-wearing-it, plain black suit. I try it on to prove to my friend that I don’t look right in something so dull, she loves it – of course!

I throw a strop and on we go to Michael Kors (via D&G; Gucci; Matthew Williamson; Alexander McQueen; Fendi; Yves Saint Laurent; Temperley; Amada Wakeley (you get the idea) – none stock appropriate suits (or just don’t have suits at all)). So we had now been in Bicester for about 6 hours, thoroughly fed-up I reluctantly try on a trouser suit and, finally, friend agrees it is appropriate – I, or possibly she, had given up arguing. We finally buy; we high-five ecstatically, revelling in our in awe-inspiring accomplishment, achieving our nigh-on impossible goal. I was especially gleeful as is it was so cheap I could buy another pair of Burberry shoes (black pair in first image, nude pair in second image).

The moral of the story: if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again! Everyone was a winner, we sped home happily, if a little exhausted and the interviews went swimmingly. Can I get a ye-ha and a whoop-whoop?! No? Just me then.

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