Shoes, glorious shoes

There is nothing worse than silence.

Today there has been nothing but silence from the model in return to the numerous messages from the photographer, having modelled myself silence was never my choice (how rude).

Despite this rant, I am actually glad I primed for the now non-existent shoot as the preparation has not been in vain; in spite of our different take on common courtesy the model and I do have some common ground, our shoe size. This has, therefore, been a blessing in disguise, as I have frantically rummaged through hundreds of pairs of shoes to couple with the outfits (which I will now be wearing, well trying to squeeze in to (another plus, the diet will be rearing it’s ugly head again tomorrow)).

Anyway, getting back to topic, I have realised that I have an unbelievable mass of shoes squashed into draws, cupboards and boxes; I even found some under the kitchen sink. This may seem as if I do not adore and cherish my shoes but I do, even the old, tatty, slightly smelly ones that I really should throw out, but I love my shoes and you don’t just throw things you love away. A good example would be your Gran, I mean you don’t throw your Gran away when she gets wrinkly and starts to get that musty aroma all old people seem to accumulate, like a sock you left in the washing machine too long without drying (you know the smell) that lingers even after she’s left (this is not a personal representation of my Gran, she smells like toffee and lavender-a much more pleasant scent yet still common of women of a certain age).

No, you don’t throw loved ones away, you stick them in a home out of the way where they don’t take-up too much room but where you can still visit them occasionally; this is exactly (in principal) what I’ve done for my shoes and I’m glad, as with a bit of re-heeling at a good cobblers they’ll be ready to bust some shapes on the dance floor (or table) once again. Just like Gran they’re old, crinkly and slightly whiffy but they’ve got some life left in them yet!

So this week (although it could easily run to the next 3 months) I am going to try and wear a different pair of shoes every day, as just like Gran I’m sure my old shoes still want to feel loved and useful.



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